Dancenet History

In 1996 Jay Handline’s idea to promote dance fitness on an international level materialized. The first website for dance fitness was created. His goal to establish a resource for instructors and students world-wide is now a reality. Always under construction Dancenet has grown from a site used by close friends in the Southeast to a global database and information resource used by a wide variety of viewers.

Today Dancenet offers instructors the chance to share information and choreography. This is an important concept considering that just several years ago many of the instructors in dance fitness knew of only several peers who participated in their type of aerobic fitness. Over 200 professional instructors and studios are listed on the site and more are being added daily.

Many studios and fitness facilities now incorporate this type of program due to the material listed on the Dancenet Fitness site. Viewers have been “turned-on” by the concept listed on the site and have taken initiative in their own community. Dance Fitness is now becoming a distinguished part of the fitness arena.

Dancenet is a growing network with links and relationships with other well-known sites. Currently the number one search engine site for dance fitness, it presently receives over 12,000 hits per month. Because of it’s positive message and artistic variety, this site is visited frequently by devout members & choreographers.

Dancenet hopes to continue to spread the message of a positive lifestyle and spiritual fitness program. It will continue to be a resource for those seeking diversity and fun in their aerobic programs, and a catalyst for those in dance fitness to learn and grow from one another.

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