Dance Fitness : Web-Based Workouts: The Solution For Busy Women.

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They do not sound like they belong together, exercise and the Internet. At least that is what I thought when I began looking into exercise videos and a lifestyle change. With my busy “mommy” schedule I was desperate to get fit on my time, at my convenience, without the hassle of an expensive gym or rigid enrollment rules for classes. I began looking at internet based workout programs and downloadable workout videos. That is when I realized exercise and the Internet go hand in hand.

After I put the kids to bed and checked out some exercise video downloads, my flabby thighs and I decided the Internet was how we were going to get back in shape. Using various internet based exercise videos now gives me variety and the schedule flexibility I need. The exercise videos also allow me to workout in my own home. I never have to “dress” for the gym again, and my children don’t get dropped off with a random caregiver in the gyms childcare center.

My web-based workouts range from simple yoga to kick-boxing and step aerobics. I control which activity I do and never feel like I’m late for class or neglecting my kids. Online workouts fit my lifestyle, and because I stay-at-home with my children, and work from home, I am comfortable using exercise videos in my home. And when I travel, I can take my exercise video downloads with me. I never have to miss class or find a make-up date. Online workouts are the best solution for me and my fitness. Sometimes when the kids are restless and the weather isn’t cooperating for outside play I bring my laptop into the family room. The kids get excited to dance with me and my exercise video downloads. They think we’re having a party. Little do they know they are assisting me get back to my pre-baby weight!

Using downloadable workout videos to change my workout routine and introduce new techniques has kept my interest and enthusiasm. Online exercise videos provide you with variety and the ability to change it up. The web-based workouts challenge you as much as you need, and put you in control of your fitness. The usability and availability of exercise video downloads makes working out fun and stress free. No one’s watching you, judging you or lapping you. Having the exercise videos on your personal computer turn them into your personal trainer. Some of them have you log on, so you can track your progress, your goals and your challenges. Others simply get downloaded onto your computer and you can play them as you wish.

Using the Internet for exercise was something I never considered until I saw my first downloadable workout video. Now I love to exercise. I turn my computer on first thing in the morning, and it’s not to check my e-mail. I now use that time to get fit with my online exercise videos. Join me sometime, and You will see just how well exercise and the Internet go together.

Dance Fitness: How to Pick The Right Exercise Video For You

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If you in fact want to exercise-you have many options: Walking, hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, weight training, group fitness workouts. But even the most dedicated exerciser can struggle to get their workout in when short on time. If you have a busy life due to family obligations or work commitments, or you live in a town were the closest gym is half an hour away, or you simply feel uncomfortable walking into a gym, you may consider trying exercise videos and working out at home. There are workouts for the beginner to the advanced, from Pilates and Yoga to Toning and Kick-boxing. So finding the right video for you is relatively simple, but here are a few types when picking  your home exercise video:

1) It’s very important not to give in to all the hyped marketing surrounding many videos that may make unsubstantiated promises. In fact, any video that promises quick weight loss or instant results is probably unsafe and should be avoided.

2) Ask your friends what exercise videos they do. Or go to your local video store and rent a few workout videos to see which ones you like before investing $20 into one video.

3) Decide what you want to achieve: If you want to loose body fat, choose cardiovascular workouts (like Low-Impact, Step Aerobics, Cardio Dance, Kick-boxing) over Pilates/Yoga workouts. While I in fact believe a well-balanced workout routine includes Pilates, Yoga and weight training, at least initially, most of your workout time should not be devoted to this type of training.

(4) Honestly evaluate your current level and choose exercise videos appropriate for where you are today. By working out at your level, You will be able to get stronger and create more endurance without putting your body at risk. Also, this creates a feeling of success, and as I always say, there is nothing more motivating than success.

5) The exercise video should give modifications for different fitness levels. For example, an aerobic video may show a high impact option, a medium impact option and a low impact option. Or a toning workout video may show how to increase or decrease the intensity of a shoulder exercise by changing the position of the hands.

6) Instead of spending around $20 per video, consider subscribing to an online exercise video website. There are several good ones out there. These types of websites offer a variety of exercise videos and add new workout videos every week for between $10 to $20 per month. You can even download exercise videos to your computer from many of the fitness sites.

Whatever you do-make sure it works with your schedule and make certain you enjoy the workout. By picking  workouts you enjoy and naturally fit into your life, you are setting yourself up for success. The the more successful you are with your workouts-the more You will do them.

Getting the Most Out Of Dance Aerobics

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Dance Fitness: Getting the Most Out Of Dance Aerobics

There are numerous group exercise courses to pick from today. You just have to find an group exercise class that appeals to you. However, as most individuals  don’t like exercising, there’s a type of group exercise which is the dance fitness.

Most individuals  love to dance and dancing is on of the ways to relieve stress. It is also a way to have fun whether you do it on your own or with others. Now, when you combine exercise and dancing, aerobics would be much more fun. This is why dance fitness classes are well-liked all over the country. You can have fun while being healthful and at the same time losing weight.

In a dance aerobics class, all you have to do is dance to your favorite music. the instructor will teach you the moves that will help you to not only lose weight but also to become a better dancer. As every group exercise session typically last twenty to thirty minutes with at least three times per week, a dance aerobics class will be the best option for those not excited enough to exercise for long periods. Twenty to thirty minutes will fly by in the blink of an eye in a

Dance aerobics courses are usually filled with individuals  who enjoy dancing as well. This will make your experience more fun and fulfilling because You will feel that you aren’t alone in your exercise plan. You can dance and make friends while having fun and losing weight all at the same time. There aren’t many other fitness programs that offer the same thing.

Tips On Performing Aerobic Dance Steps

Before starting an aerobics dance step workout, you probably have had the opportunity to witness dance fitness classes. If you’re impressed with the high levels of energy and the coordination of the participants who were performing aerobic dance steps and feel a little intimidated to join a dance group fitness class, remember that everyone in the class was at one point of time, at the same level that you’re at now. There is a starting to every aerobic dance step class.

The instructor will lead you through the dance movements. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and imitate the instructor. Above the music in the aerobics dance class, the leader will shout out instructions to the class. the dance aerobics instructor will be leading the group, shouting out instructions to the class. He will be using the words like left and right. These words refer to the left or right arm or leg. the best advice for you if you’re confused while learning the aerobic dance steps is to at first ignore the commands from the instructor and simply imitate his lead.

Understanding the Basics Of Dance Aerobics

Dance aerobics patterns are generally measured in beats. These beats are generally 32 or 64 per minute. Nonetheless, it’s again important not to worry about counting the total beats. All you’ve to do is simply follow the lead of the instructor. Typically, in keeping time, the only counting that needs to be done in a dance aerobics class is in intervals of four and eight. the entire dance step segment will fall into either one of these counts. A typicalaerobic dance step session is performed in four or eight counts.

Dance aerobics routines may also include arm movements. the arm movements are added to the dance steps to elevate the heart rate. Don’t forget that it is important to feel comfortable with the basic aerobics dance steps first before adding other movements at your own pace.

Do Not Be Self-Conscious

It is important to always remember that you are performing these group exercise dance steps movements to improve your health and your general well-being. You could also have other goal like toning your muscles or loosing weight. As a result, you must attempt not to be self-conscious when performing the dance fitness steps.

If a few times you are out of step or you don’t get the routine right the first few tries, remember that the actions you perform will still be beneficial to you and that you are doing aerobic dance steps for yourself and not for others. Also remember that practice makes perfect, so you have to keep on practicing to get the perfect aerobics dance moves.