Body Dynamics

Class Description:

Dynamic Dance- The most energizing, stimulating, & fun dance/exercise workout available. Incorporates a variety of striding and dancing foot patterns with a limited amount of running and jumping. Increases flexibility, coordination, & endurance.
High Energy- An intense floor workout using high repetition exercise. Strengthen and tones with a special emphasis on abdominals, hips, & thighs.
Dynamic Dance Combination- A one and a half hour class combining an hour of dynamic dance and a half hour of weights and floor exercises.


1425 Highland Avenue
Melbourne, Fl. 32935

Phone :



Monday thru Friday 6:00-7:00pm (Dynamic Dance)
Wednesday & Friday 5:30-6:00pm (High Energy)
Saturday & Sunday 9:00-10:30pm (Dynamic Combo)


Phone: 407-255-9966


2 weeks introductory classes are free!